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Andrew Root past lecturer and teacher in biomechanics and orthotics at The London Foot Hospital.

Foot Podiatrist - Biomechanical

North London Foot Podiatrist Andrew Root - Bespoke foot orthotics & Biomechanical assessments.

Andrew who also qualified at the London Foot Hospital, carries out assessments for the most efficient position of feet, USING BESPOKE ORTHOTICS TO RESOLVE INJURIES AND TO PREVENT INJURIES.

I was a teacher and lecturer in orthotics and biomechanics at The London Foot Hospital and have wide experience of foot orthotic materials and their beneficial uses in preventing and resolving injuries. I also lectured at UCL to medical students of UCH, Middlesex and St Pancras Hospitals in using orthotics in foot, knee, hip and lower back symptoms and the use of orthotics for children especially hypermobility. I have considerable experience in private practice where I use and prescribe orthotics for orthopaedic consultants, doctors and many professionals allied to medicine. I do not need a referral letter before arranging an appointment.

The orthotics I prescribe are bespoke made to the scan, or mould of each foot of the most up to date materials. If you wish to have a brief talk regarding your condition, symptoms to be sure I can be of help to you, my work mobile is 07581 424020. I return messages after clinics. I aim to return calls between the hours of Monday to Friday 5-8pm, same day or next day.

We bulk buy the orthotic materials and I am pleased to say we have not changed the cost for four years.

The initial assessment is 60
Plaster bandage/Scanning of both feet is 80
Orthotics are 160 per pair.
Usually ready in 2 weeks or can make urgently specials, when required.

Fully inclusive total cost 300

(There are no extra VAT charges or fitting appointment charges).
We keep the plaster of paris casts/scans in storage.
I hope to be of assistance to you regarding help with foot orthotics and biomechanical assessments.
Kind regards, Andrew Root.
Foot podiatry biomechanics involve stopping the feet rolling in or out using bespoke foot orthotics. Bespoke orthotics correct body alignment and improve shock absorption. The orthotics are manufactured in house and the very best materials available are used.

London orthotics are used in the treatment of many body problems such as, foot problems like, in rolling feet, (pronation) which is often connected with other pain symptoms like, ankle injuries, knee pains, hip conditions and back pains.

In assessment both feet are checked in a Podiatrists Biomechancial Assessment in both standing, sitting and non weight bearing positions. Alignment is measured and how pressure is transferred into the feet, and through to the ankles, knees, hips and back.

The foot orthotics we make are made from scanning or taking plaster mold's of each foot to capture the exact shape and fit and is therefore accurate, ensuring correct angle and maximum shock absorption.

Private Insurance:
Andrew Root is covered for many private insurance policies.

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